Rock Al Garden

Supporting Local Musicians since 2010

Nine years ago, a group of friends and musicians joined forces to create what ended up becoming a tradition, a Memorial Day Beer Fest in Corona, New York that we called "CORONA BEER FEST". A house party hosted in a backyard with a space for talented bands to perform.

Attendance grew every year, even without the aid of social media.  Five Corona Beer Fest later, we decided to take the festival to the next level.

On September 6th 2015  was the inception of  ROCK AL GARDEN, an all-day music festival with ten bands. Providing our fellow musicians with the high standards they deserved, ROCK AL GARDEN 15 exceeded our expectations bringing in approximately 350 people.

 Rock Al Garden 2016 was on Labor Day weekend. September 4th at  The Paper Box , Brooklyn, NY , it was a complete success, bands were on point and the crowd was amazing as always.

During 2017 and 2018 we did some showcases but now we are back, Rock Al Garden 2019 will be on April 14th at The Well Brooklyn, NY  

However  we are still recruiting musicians for this season showcases. Submit your band here.

 We are here because of and for all of you: friends, musicians, fans, and most of all, to support good music, all performed from our HEARTS.

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